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Taylors Farm covers 600 acres and is fully functioning, working to produce cereals to feed our own cattle; with any surplus grain being sent out to the world market.

Roger and Andrew ensure cropping of the farm is maximised and also work hard to source and rear our cattle that supply our ever-popular butchers counter.

As a farming family, we want to do our bit to preserve the countryside we live and work in, and to do this, we follow guidelines for wildlife conservation and have just entered the mid-tier scheme for this.

We’ve also invested in solar panels that have been fitted to the roofs of our agricultural sheds. These now supply electricity to the shop and reduce our carbon footprint, another step towards us becoming green.

Meet Andrew – Farm Manager

Andrew is Roger & Bernie’s eldest son and he has always had a passion for farming since being a small child. He has been involved in the family farm from a young age. 

Andrews role is very varied, with no day is the same as the last. He looks after all land preparation, sowing, fertilisation, harvesting of our cereals, and he also manages the Beef Herd which goes into our Farm Shop. 

Recently, we have installed a Grain Cleaning Unit, and become UFAS registered (Universal Feed Assurance Scheme) mixing and preparing grain for feed mills, for cattle, sheep, pigs and birds.  

The story of our beef

Roger and Andrew started by sourcing all our beef from northern cattle markets. The cattle are brought in from about 12 months of age and fed on our own specialist diet from crops grown on the farm.

We like to use specific breeds of cattle such as Limousins, Belgian Blue and traditional Aberdeen Angus. They are housed in large airy sheds and kept to the highest standards of husbandry and welfare.

The specialist part of our beef is all in the diet. Andrew and Roger use crops from the farm to blend a special mix which is higher in alkaline to counteract the acidity of the beef and neutralise the PH levels. We believe this helps in the maturing process of the carcass and gives the meat a unique flavour.


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