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At Taylors farm shop we specialise in beef. We rear our own cattle of Limousin and Belgian blues and feed them on our own home grown cereals to ensure we know the exact diet of our cattle to get the best quality meat out of them and maybe the best beef that you can buy.

The beef is hung for a minimum of 21days to get the maximum flavour and tenderness from the meat. The meat is then prepared by our award winning butcher Steve Perrins and his team of expert seam butchers. The beef is all seam boned as Steve finds that this is the best way to remove all gristle and connective tissues from the meat to produce a higher quality product for our customers. By seam boning the beef it means that there is a wider variety of steaks available in our shop that you may not find anywhere else, these are;


Flat Iron;
This is a thick juicy muscle taken from the shoulder blade. For the best results pan fry to seal the meat and finish in a hot oven for 5 minutes.                                                   
This a traditional muscle with a covering of fat and all the connective tissue and gristles all removed. For the best result fry, griddle or grill.
Top Rump;
This is a lean muscle taken from the top of the rump. For the best results pan fry or griddle
Rib Eye;
This is a marbled steak for those who like some fat on their meat. For the best results fry, griddle or grill.
This is a lean muscle taken from the eye of the rump, it looks like fillet and tastes like rump and is a very tender cut. For the best results fry, griddle or grill.
Minute steaks;
This is the muscle that is great for sandwiches. Kids love them because they are easy to chew. The name says it all fry for 30 seconds a side.
This is a traditional cut with a small covering of fat and all of the gristles are removed. For the best results fry, griddle or grill
Thick Rib;
This muscle is taken from the shoulder, it is a very juicy and tasty cut and is best cut thick. For the best results pan fry or griddle.
This is the tenderest muscle of them all, so it’s best not to overcook this one. For the best results fry, griddle or grill.
This is a small muscle from the topside. It is tender and tasty, looks very similar to fillet steak. For the best results cook medium, seal in a pan and finish in a hot oven of 5 minutes.
Fillet Tail;
This is the thin end of the fillet and is very tender. It is ideal to serve it as a mini joint or to cut it into strips for stir fry.


The butchers shop has a 28ft fresh meat counter and this is fully stocked everyday with fresh locally sourced products that range from beef, chicken, lamb, and pork products. All the meats that you find in our counter are all prepared to the highest standard to give you the customer the highest quality and best value for your money. The counter has traditional cuts and a range of marinated products. The counter display changes regularly depending on the seasons but any thing that can not be seen is available on request so please do not hesitate to ask or even challenge our butchers to meet your requirements.

In the fresh meat counter you will find that all the sausage in there is all hand made and hand linked by our butchers in house and that there is a very wide variety of different flavoured sausage to suit all, this ranges from the traditional pork, to turkey and beef sausage. So if there is a variety you haven’t seen in a while please ask as they can be made for you.

To go along with the fresh meat counter we have an 8ft self service bacon counter that stocks gammon joints, gammon steaks, smoked gammons, and a variety of bacon products, you can even try our own home cure sweet bacon.  There is also a range of homemade black pudding and locally source Lancashire haggis and roulades.

Also during the game season we keep a stock of game products ranging from rabbit, duck, venison, partridge, pheasant and pigeon all which are prepared by our game butcher Gary so that they are ready to cook. Even when the game season is closed we keep a selection of frozen game in the freezer for those who want to enjoy game all year round.

The awards that our butcher Steve Perrins has won are Eblex English Farm Shop Beef Butchery Champion 2010 and 2011. And the Eblex English Farm Shop Lamb Butchery Champion 2010-2011.

The butchers is always running offers on products throughout the year on various different cuts and varieties off meat so be sure to look at the news section of the website for the latest offers and check the boards around the shop too.

Delicatessen Delicatessen


Here at Taylors Farm deli we are passionate about the products we sell and are renowned for our homemade produce.

We stock a very large range of speciality foods, both local and imported including: farmhouse cheeses, fresh bread, patisserie, oils, vinegars, pasta, homemade pies, cakes, sausage rolls, artisan chocolates, biscuits, coffee, tea, preserves, antipasti, chutneys, olives, savoury tarts, fine wines, beers and champagne.

Apart from the excellent quality of our produce, what really makes the deli is the constant variety of new products out on the counter and on the shelves for you to taste, because when we discover or make something fantastic we want you our customer to try it too.

Fill your fridge with our home cooked meats, cheese and ready to eat deli specials. We challenge you to find a better sausage roll! Why not put your feet up and pop one of our delicious homemade pies or ready meals into your oven and then taste the difference and choose from some of the best British and continental produce in the area!

We are expanding our range all the time but please feel free to tell us what you like or ask to try a cheese sample before you buy!

If there’s anything you need to know why not email, ring or pop in and chat to us anytime about what you’ re looking for and we will always try and fulfil your needs and we really do love talking about food its what we do!

Fruit & Vegetable Store Fruit & Vegetable Store

At Taylors farm we specialise in supplying high quality local produce, giving our customers excellent fresh food, with flavour you can taste.

By supporting local farmers we strengthen the local economy, reduce food miles and create sustainable jobs. We stock mushrooms and tomatoes from Scarisbrick, cabbage from Ormskirk and broccoli from Lathom, as just a few examples of the support for local farmers and the Nation Wide Food Miles Initiative.

We also stock a wide range of seasonal produce, quality fruit and fresh local free range eggs.