Steak Diane Serve this creamy mushroom sauce with your favorite steaks. This recipe suggests Taylors Farm Rumpet Steak.

Servings: 2


2  6 - 8oz Rumpet steaks
150g button mushrooms - sliced
1 small onion - sliced
1 clove garlic - sliced
2 tsp french mustard
1 - 2 tsp ketchup
dash of brandy - optional
250ml double cream


Fry your steaks to your liking & remove from the pan to rest.

In the same pan fry onions till soft, add the garlic & mushrooms and fry for 2 mins. Add the brandy and reduce by half then add the mustard, ketchup and cream. Simmer for 2 mins and season to taste.

Pour over your steaks and serve with your favorite potatoes, we like creamy mash.