Steve Wins Another Butchery Award 12th June 2012

Steve Perrins butcher at Taylors farm shop Lathom has won champion at eblex English farm shop beef butchery competition in Malvern beef expo on the 24th of May 2012. This is the third year in succession that Steve has won this beef award – in addition to the lamb butchery competition he won in 2010 a competition which is held every two years. Steve is entered into this again on July the 4th. When asked the secret of Steve success, Steve said that his high standards of butchery and innovation of cuts which operate within the farm shop all year round that made it easy to operate at that high standard of work.

The competition consists of having an hour to put on a display of a counter measuring 2ft by 4ft using a LMC which is a cut from the shoulder and a rump. The aim of the competition is to come up with as many cuts out of the meat supplied, display it in the allocated space using appropriate labels and give cooking instructions for it. There is a live audience watching while this takes place and there are three judges scoring each of the eight butchers taking part. The judges give out marks based on the display produced, the amount of cuts gained from the meat, the labelling and presentation of the counter, cleanliness and how tidy the work area is kept and finally their butchering skill and how much waste is left after they have finished.

Steve is supported at Taylors farm by a fantastic team of high quality butchers who all interact closely to come up with new products for their customers and fro Steve’s competitions. Since these competitions have taken place the younger members of staff are now being encouraged and trained to take Steve’s place in future events.

Since these competitions began the team have come up with lots of new cuts and alternative cooking ideas is to give their customers a quality product at affordable prices. The resident chef Chris and the counter staff are always on hand to give advice on cooking all new products to give customers the confidence to try different ideas and cooking techniques.

  • Steves winning displaySteves winning display
  • Steve and his shieldSteve and his shield
  • Steve and the teamSteve and the team
  • Steve at workSteve at work